Decamel platform is operated by PCOMPANY, OU.

Company name: PCOMPANY, OU
Registration country: Republic of Estonia
Registration number: 16367501
Registered office: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Narva mnt 150, 13619

Authorized representatives
Management board, Dmitrijs Pavlovs

Share capital
Registered and paid-in share capital: EUR 40.000,00

VAT information
VAT registration number EE102551062

Company registration and financial year
Registration date: November 16, 2021.
Direct link e-Business Register (Centre of Registers and Information Systems) of the Republic of Estonia.
Financial year: begins on January 1 and ends of December 31.

Investor protection and legislative environment
The Platform are regulated by general commercial legislative acts of the Republic of Estonia as well as the European Union. The Platform is in the process of receiving a financial institution license in Estonia. The user (investor) must read and approve all agreements and documentation related to operation of the Platform, agreement for user terms and conditions, assignment agreements, auto-invest rules, privacy and cookie policy. Information is to be found in the investor cabinet.

Phone +372 55 50 70 15 (Estonia)
Email: [email protected]