Types of projects

Decamel offers its Investors and Originators the following three types of products:

Invoice financing and asset-backed business loans

Investments into asset-backed business loans imply a fixed term investment with an interest rate, whereby the originator (the borrower) pays back the attracted financing plus the interest. The Platform selects and bring the investors those business loans available in the market provided the investment has qualified as reasonably safe and predicable investment opportunity.

The Platform structures asset-based financing so that to ensure a fixed-income and a fixed-maturity instrument for investors. To ensure fixed-maturity and repayment thereof, a set of individual invoices or parts of stock is used to back-up such financing and guarantee the return to investors by means of the originator’s (borrower’s) business operations converting these revolving assets back into cash for repayment of the financing.

A project (loan) financed by investors would have typically such parameters as the originator (borrower), the project (loan) type, such as invoices, factoring, trade finance, business loan, vehicle funding, a start date and maturity, skin (discount to the value of the asset) that the originator finances itself, the buy-back obligation by the originator (where available), amortization schedule for principal, conditions for interest payments.
To whom
Legal entities
European Union
Intended purpose
Increase of customer base, finance of working capital or increase of turnover, financing of growth in turnover
Target amount of financing for an Originator
Starting 100.000,00
Minimal size of an asset being financed
Not limited
Maturity, invoices
From 14 days to 3-6 months
Maturity, other business assets
From 14 days to 3-6 months
Asset-backed financing: business invoices, stock of goods, goods in transit, all assets of a company as a whole
Platform fees for originators and borrowers seeking asset-based funding
Rates vary depending on the loan and its risk for investors, as well as maturity and other factors. Complete an application form and get your personal offer!

Why investors are eager to invest in invoices and asset-backed business loans?

Every originator on the Platform is carefully evaluated and credit scored by the Platform. Full due diligence prior to cooperation as well as monitoring of the projects, having been financed by originators, is executed by the Platform for the investors’ peace of mind.

Business loans, given proper selection, legal documentation and ex-post monitoring of the transaction, provide a safe and predicable investment opportunity alongside with such typical investments as bonds or dividend-paying stocks. The Platform selects those business loans available in the market in one place for the investors to invest in provided such loans have qualified as reasonably safe and predicable investment opportunity.

Typically, the Platform would demand a buy-back obligation of an individual deal by the originator. Proper interest rate is agreed upon return terms. Starting 9% per annum. Once approved, a project is added to the available list for funding by investors to be present on the Platform.

Projects for financing, such as invoice financing and asset-based loans, are financial loans (credit) secured (backed) by collateral in form of an asset (typically, business invoices, stock of goods, goods in transit, and all assets of a company as a whole). The Platform aims to structure such financing deals which enable stable and predictable returns to the investors, which exceed the passive or negative return of funds of investors allocated in form of money in the pocket, bank deposits or unclaimed bank residuals on current accounts of such investors.

The pool of such financing provided thus to the originator (borrower) would therefore have similar characteristics such as project (loan) types, maturity, interest rate, availability of a buy-back obligation, among others. As the originator would typically be demanded of buy-back obligation of the individual project, the investment and its return to investor depend on performance of all projects in the pool by a given originator as well as the originator’s ability to originate projects and manage its business to success and profitability.
Why investors are eager to invest in invoices and asset-backed business loans?


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