Why invest with Decamel?

  • An investment portfolio that greatly exceeds deposit rates
  • High returns on secured projects and loans
  • Quick earnings and short-term results
  • Total control and transparency
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Why choose Decamel?

  • Long-term focus
  • Expertise
  • Predictability
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An investment portfolio that greatly exceeds deposit rates

Deposit rates are often zero or negative. Yet your savings must be reinvested. Otherwise, you lose your money due to inflation and excess spending. Build your own custom portfolio for passive income with a target yield starting 10% per annum. The portfolio would be diversified through various products and projects, which is carefully managed by Decamel and secured with collateral and covenants.

High returns on secured projects and loans

Return on investment in projects selected by Decamel reaches up to 18%. The yield spread for every project typically lies within 8%-14%, which is above the industry average. Enjoy great value and reliability of investments secured by covenants and collateral, and professional monitoring and management of your portfolio by Decamel.

Quick earnings and short-term results

Invest and get profit quickly. Decamel is the perfect platform to diversify your portfolio by investing in different projects, industries and markets.

Total control and transparency

Access your profile anytime via Decamel platform and always know the status and progress of your investment project. Withdraw funds quickly. It is easy to predict and manage your profits. Whether you want to manage every aspect of your portfolio or set the auto invest feature active, the choice is yours. Regardless of how you do it, you can administer every detail and progress of your every investment at any time.

Types of projects

Decamel offers its Investors and Originators the following three types of products:
Invoice financing
Invoice financing and asset-backed business loans
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Real estate
Property development projects (loans), bridge loans, real-estate backed projects (loans)
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Equity loans
Investments into company equity and start-up funding
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Latest projects

Open for investments
New multi-apartment residential house in the Quite Centre of Riga, the capital of Latvia
Interest per annum
€ 120,000.00
Loan amount
0.13% raised, 2 investments
€ 119,845.00 left
Schedule type
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Open for investments

Winessy unites long-standing wine producing traditions and innovative approaches in wine investing by using the modern blockchain technology and NFT philosophy to make interactions and reselling of wine easy, fast, free of scams, safe and profitable for users from all over the world.

€ 100,000.00
€ 50,000.00
Min. inv. amount
75% raised, 2 investments
€ 25,000.00 left
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Fully invested

QRUNCH is a start-up that is building a SaaS platform and offers the installation of QR-code based service management systems for HoReCa and thereby aiming to facilitate digitization of the industry and enabling hospitality teams to achieve better service quality, improve customer experience and reduce staff workload.

€ 30,003.73
€ 30,003.73
Min. inv. amount
100% raised, 4 investments
€ 0.00 left
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