Types of projects

Decamel offers its Investors and Originators the following three types of products:
Decamel targets projects with conservative LTV ratios, undervalued real estate and on projects with significant potential for upside, all of which are suitable for shortinvestment or lending cycles so that to be able to generate attractive returns for our investors. Historical reliability of real estate investments present additional reassurance, while the projects being secured against the property itself brings an added element of comfort for investors.
For whom
Legal entities incorporated in the EU, with collateral located in Latvia, Germany and Spain.
Intended purpose
To raise capital for real estate development, purchase of real estate, as a bridge loan both in development and for other businesses, and loans and facilities otherwise backed up by real estate
Loan amount
Starting 30.000,00
Up to 36 months
Amortization of principal
Individual approach dependent on the project and liquidity of collateral
Payment of interest
Monthly, quarterly or at maturity
Platform fees for Originators and Borrowers seeking real estate based funding
Rates vary depending on the loan and its risk for investors, as well as maturity and other factors. Complete an application form and get your personal offer!
Real estate with up to 80% LTV (loan to value of collateral) for Latvia and Germany and up to 50% for Spain. The intended collateral and loan purpose need not be the same.


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